sunday morning jam

contact improvisation

hosts: teresa hoffmann & natascha golubtsova

next jam 2024: every sunday! 

time: 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

 venue: bewegungsraum im gängeviertel
valentinskamp 34a (im hinterhof), 2.OG, hamburg


for english version and text about consent scroll down

sonntagmorgen. der beginn eines tages mit dem fokus nach innen, um sich von dort in die außenwelt zu bewegen… die morgenjam öffnet einen raum für eigen- und mitverantwortlichkeit, in dem gemeinsam die spielregeln für die komposition und den tanz immer wieder aufs neue gefunden, gesetzt und gebrochen werden können.


time score

10.30  start (die türen sind ab 10.15 geöffnet)
12.15  ende finden, schreiben, malen, austausch im kreis

12.30  ende

plus: bis 13.00 socializing and übergang in den sonntag


dance score

es gibt keine anleitung und keinen kreis am anfang. wir beginnen in stille mit einem ankommen im solo, jede*r bei sich. von dort findet der tanz und die komposition in den ganzen raum – duos, trios, quartette, ensembles und immer mal wieder soli fließen ineinander über. zum abschluss suchen wir nach einem gemeinsamen ende. aussteigen und von außen beobachten ist teil der komposition.

stille als grundlage
die jam lebt in und von der stille. sie ist aber offen für sounds, sprache und spontan entstehender musik, solange die klangebene aus dem ganzen wächst, mit pausen abwechselt und den tanz als inspiration und partner wahrnimmt.


wir möchten einen safe space öffnen, in dem uns allen klar ist, was unser gemeinsamer fokus ist und lernen, mit sich selbst und miteinander behutsam umzugehen. wir bitten euch daher, unsere orientierungspunkte zu consent und safety zu lesen (s. unten), bevor ihr zur jam kommt. 

kosten: 10 (+) euro  
wir haben einen verteiler, über den wir wöchentlich aktuelle informationen zur jam rausschicken. falls ihr in den verteiler möchtet oder fragen habt, schreibt uns gerne: [email protected]  

wir freuen uns auf euch!
teresa und natascha



english version

sunday morning. the beginning of a day with the focus inwards, in order to move from there into the outside world... the sunday morning jam opens up a space for personal and shared responsibility, in which the rules for the composition and the dance can be found, set and broken again.


time score
10.30 start (doors open at 10.15 a.m.)
12.15 finding an end, writing, drawing, exchange in the circle
12.30 end
plus: till 13.00 socializing and transitioning into sunday


dance score

there is no guiding voice and no circle in the beginning. we start in silence with an arrival in solo. from there, the dance and the composition find their way into the whole room – duos, trios, quartets, ensembles and solos flow out and into each other. finally we are looking for a common ending. stepping out and observing from the outside becomes a part of the composition.

stillness as the base
the jam lives in and from silence. it is open to sounds, language and spontaneous emerging music as long as it grows out of the whole, alternates with breaks and perceives the dance as an inspiration and partner.


we want to open a safe space in which we all know what our common focus is and learn how to be carefull with ourselfs and each other. therefore we ask you to read our orientation points for consent and safety (see below) before coming to the jam. 

fee: 10 (+) euro  
we have a mailing list that we use to send out current information about the jam on a weekly basis. if you would like to be on the mailing list or if you have any questions, please write to us: [email protected]  

looking forward to dance with you!
teresa und natascha

Orientation Points for Consent and Safety 


Contact Jams in Bewegungsraum: Orientation Points for Consent and Safety


What is this space (not) about

1. This jam is a space first and foremost for movement and dance and understands Contact Improvisation as an ongoing movement research. If you are not familiar with the dance form, we strongly encourage to take classes. In the classes you will learn a lot of useful tools that help to navigate through jams and make it a safer space.

2. The jam lives in and from silence. Sounds, music, the use of objects are very welcome as long as sensitively used and in relation to what is happening in the space.

3. Contact Improvisation is a research on human touch beyond the social or sensual. This jam is not a cuddle party, we ask you to commit focusing on the dance and to not cuddle during the jam.

4. This jam is not a sex positive space, meaning that being guided by erotic or sexual energies for interaction is not welcomed. 


Use of language

1. The jam is a space for nonverbal communication through movement and not for socializing. Everyday communication is invited when we come together for the end circle.

2. But: Using language as part of the dance and the composition is very welcome. 

3. And: If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can communicate it non-verbally and of course verbally with sounds or words. You can for example say “no” or “stop” to your dance partner. 


Moving in solo and touch

1. CI can also be understood as a solo dance form. 

2. You can be in contact without physical touch.

3. Give yourself time to arrive first within your own body and senses before entering relational contact with other bodyminds.

4. The jam opens possibilities for fluent switches between moving in solo, duets, trios, quartets, and ensembles, and for observing the instant composition of the whole space.

5. You can leave a dance at any moment and don´t take it personally if somebody leaves the dance with you.

6. There are moments where people find themselves in solo without the intention to go into physical contact or relate to the outer world. Respect these sensitive states. 


Sharing weight, lifts and safety

1. Part of CI is the play with gravity, falling and shared weight. 

2. If you intend to lift somebody, make sure your partner is not blocked and can easily land on the floor. 

3. Make sure you are not using muscle-force to lift someone.

4. If you are involved in high speed dance, be attentive of the whole space and people around you.


Easy in and out and taking rest

1. You can easily switch between moving and observing the dance. Observation and witnessing from the sides of the space can be a great means to support the space, learn and be moved in a different way.

2. You can take rest at any time you need on the side of the space. Be aware that you don´t disturb the movers if you lie on the floor alone or with somebody in the middle of the space. 



Make sure you move with clean clothes which provide maximum range of movement and comfort and which cover your legs, armpits and belly. If you sweat a lot, take an extra shirt for change. Avoid jewelry or any kind of metal objects on your clothes.


We as hosts of the Jam Space would like to encourage you to approach and talk to us if you have any questions regarding the above points or of any other nature. All of the points can be questioned and discussed, but we would like to have those words floating in the jam space.        


Natascha & Teresa